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Blokes in sweaty lycra

It's that time of year again. The Tour de France. If you can ignore the guys in gaudily-coloured lycra outfits for companies you've never heard of with weird names (like "Mapei-Quickstep"?) you can get a pretty good view of various parts of France, the countryside, the architecture...

If you watch, you will see that France is heavily agricultural. At this time of year, it is real easy to play "spot the corn" (maïze). There is a lot this year!
You can also look at the different types of architecture in the regions. The big solid stuck-together and right-on-the-road white or grey faced houses in western Brittany to the more separated stone-built houses set back off the road in eastern Brittany (only a hundred kilometres apart) to the squat white red tiled houses just south of the Loire (within sight of the stone-and-slated buildings on the north side of the river.

Tour de France montage.

For those in Britain with a freebie receiver, you'll have to put up with the minimal coverage on ITV4. If you have Sky, you'll get better coverage on British Eurosport.
Me? I watched on EuroSport at 19.2°E. Okay, die commentiert das iste deutsche, but the pictures and the winner were the same.


Today's word...

Today's word is parsimonious (par-si-mon-us), which means frugal, mean, stingy...
...I'm sure we can all think of an example of a cantankerous and parsimonious person.

I guess I'd better describe cantankerous (kan-tang-ker-us) which means crabby, irascible, irritable.


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