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Bring out the marshmallows!

I have a lot to do. I have emails to write for tomorrow, I have a script interpreter to write because I got the insane idea to do it and I don't want to give up with half of it ready... not to mention documentation...

So I went outside to take a break. It seems to be wheat harvesting day, so I could take a gander at the machines trundling around, like a real grockle. ☺

Well, we ended up calling 112 after all, but for a different reason than nutty Parisiens. This full-sized video grab explains it well:

What you can see, I should point out, is a large and growing fire and that white and green thing above the '22' in the date is a farmer tearing through the field with a large plough.

Loads of kudos to the farmers! Three of them came with their ploughs and circled around, because it was a breezy day where the wind changed direction on a heartbeat. This action, and this action alone, is probably what kept the fire contained - after all, when we called the emergency services the man said it was okay, they were on the way, and it took a further ten minutes before we saw fire equipment turn up.
To be honest, I am actually surprised nobody thought to drag out the pipelines from the maïze sprayer and point that into the fire.

The picture might not look like much, that's perhaps a fault of a wide-angle lens and an owner who didn't fancy getting a soaking - just it is spitting maybe thirty metres and quite a considerable amount of water at that. Stood under one in that hot summer of 2003 and I'm surprised it doesn't flatten the corn!


Today's word...

Today's word is reciprocal (reh-sih-proh-kull); which means complementary, equivalent, mutual; imagine you and I are sawing down an old dead tree with one of those big push-me-pull-me saws. You pull, I pull, you pull, I pull. That's a reciprocal action.


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