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Sakura - already?

As nice as Friday was, the weekend was a whole different story.

The ambient temperature is somewhere around 7°C with a stiff wind that makes it feel closer to freezing. A huge change from Friday, I'll tell you. Having a little walk around, I found that the wild cherry had sprung into flower to announce the arrival of Spring (the point of the equinox was around 5am Friday morning, but everybody assumes it starts on the 21st of March).

The proper Sakura isn't quite ready, but it's nearly there.

They probably won't want to know about the weather forecast. It's predicted to be a week and a half of highs around 7°C and lows around -3°C. In other words, a blossom killer.
I do hope AccuWeather is wrong... but this sky, it looks and feels like it could easily start to snow!


I'm making use of my rice cooker. Yesterday was potato and rice in curry sauce. Dead easy to make, chop the spuds, throw in a half cup of washed rice, a cup, a half of water (for the rice), and finally a bottle of curry sauce. Other sauces (sweet and sour?) could do as well. Stick it on the soup cycle for an hour and a half (default time). When it's done, give it a good stir and put it back on soup cycle for another half hour.

Today I kept it simple, a bowl of rice with soy sauce. Rice takes about an hour to cook.


I went up to the top of the lane to collect the dustbin earlier. Just in case the Rozzers were around, I had a paper, but I didn't fill it in. What box does one tick for "picking up the bin"? There isn't one! So I drove up with the boot open, backed up to the bin, reached back and grabbed it, then legged it back at 30kph before anybody noticed (and yes, I'm aware that my car makes enough noise that the entire village 2km away likely noticed!).


Anyway, I'm a little surprised that the cherries are already starting with their blossom, and really really glad that I had Friday off because the rest of the weekend has been more "endless cups of tea" than "enjoying the sun". I think I'm on my sixth or seventh mug, pretty much one per hour...



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Rick, 23rd March 2020, 14:40
Monday - brilliant sunshine. Thanks God, you bastard... 😜

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