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A couple of days ago, just prior to the French election, the Daily Mail Fail ran this article:
Xenophobic Daily Mail headline

Now, it takes a certain kind of stupidity to generate a headline of that nature to pander to the gullible "I hate them dirty damned cheese-eating surrender-monkies" readership. And a certain kind of stupidity to say the quote in the first place.

Hoardes of Frenchies will not "swarm" into the UK. The truth of the matter is quite simple - Hollande (who won) does not like rich people. He plans to help pay for his socialist programme (which will benefit the lower-paid hard working people who actually make France what it is) by imposing a 75% rate rate on the rich. These rich, who will object to this staggeringly high level of taxation, will "swarm" to the UK with its lower (50%, might become 45%) tax rate.

So, in essence, rich guys will cease paying 75% taxation in France and instead pay 50%ish taxation in the UK.

Only the Daily Mail Fail could spin that as a bad thing.


On the face of it, the lower earners (and I count myself among them) could have some faith on Mr. Hollande's plans. You see, in order to help the SMICards and the pensioners, you need to have money. By hitting the rich, there will be money.

The British, on the other hand, have screwed over pensioners (yet again), have been told yesterday that the government is committed to helping decent hard-working folk, yet this is the same government that is reducing the level of taxation for the wealthy? How do they think that's going to work?



A while back, commenter-regular Joe offered me a JTAG dongle. It has arrived. A simple parallel-port-to-JTAG dodah:
JTAG dongle
I will put my own JTAG plans on hold and see if I can use this plus an open-source software to try to recover the non-working OSD. To do now is find a set of header pins and hard-wire the OSD's JTAG port (some horribly tiny arrangement) to the header pins, then use my hot-melt-glue-gun to mount the thing in place securely. That'll be a fun solder job!

I will, instead, at some future date, look to creating an ARM debugging platform using a BBC Micro, bit-bashing JTAG from the user port. Just - you know - for the lulz. ☺


Gratuitous Japanese picture

I was looking to see if I could find where Natsuiro Kiseki (夏色キセキ) was set, and I came across a place called Kouzu. Our long-time-ago cat (the one shot by the hunters) was called Couzou after a town in a book by Christian Signol...
A road near Kouzu, Japan

I think the sad thing here is because Japan is somewhat limited with mountains here and sea there, they've put in this big bypass road by what looks like the beachfront. So much for the scenery, eh? Still, at least it'll look pretty for those in the passenger seat...


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joe, 13th May 2012, 12:46
Everybody in France is hoping that Mr.Hollande may perform some miracles, simillar hopes had all the disappointed US citizens, who are cursing Mr. Obama now. 
I personally hope that Mr.Hollande will do everything in his power to limit the influence of IMF in France and Europe. Many people,including me, believe that IMF and World Bank are running European Bank and all the so called Reserve Banks around the world. If nothing stops these organisations, every developed country will finish like USA. We heve Euro for about 20 years, the European debt is slowly approaching US's, when and where it is gonna end?i

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