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Just done my tax form

It wasn't really that difficult. I can declare on-line, so I needed to find all of last years payslips and count how many days I worked. This can be converted into a distance travelled to/from work to offset against my tax. Then I added the (pitifully small) end-of-year salary which was on November's pay sheet (for December's pay is given in January so it is a new year). It would appear that my tax this year, thanks to the kilometrage, is -€28. That's nice.

I still have to put aside around €700 towards the end of the year for land/property taxes. That's not so nice.


Beagle still not barking

My Beagle is still "dead" (sort of loads bootloader from SD then appears to freeze). The opinion in the world is split. Some people say "your card is corrupted, it's no big deal" and others say "it sounds like a hardware problem, send it back".

So the plan is as follows. Joe is kindly sending me a microSD to try. I will run my board from a computer PSU (most likely my A3000's power supply) which ought to have enough juice to get the thing going. I will power up with Joe's card inserted. If it works, it suggests a corruption of both of my cards (odd, given the second card was formatted and with the official Angstrom distro imaged onto it - several times over!).
And if it doesn't work, it suggests a hardware problem. Which, frankly, is looking more likely given some of the quirks I recall from the past. It is possible that the kernel panic is a symptom rather than a cause?

In this case, I will request an RMA and send it back home. Joe has offered to do a swapsy for his, which is a kind offer, but if something really is wrong, it would surely be better to get it fixed or replaced, no? I know Joe reads my blog, so I'm sure if he (dis)agrees, he'll comment...

For now, I can do nothing except quietly sulk. It was magical to see a RISC OS machine going that fast. I never, ever, thought I'd experience the OS running at 1GHz. It was... pretty awesome.
And I'll make you a promise. When I get a working Beagle, I will set up RISC OS and I will run RISC OS and Linux can go take a running jump. I think Linux knows I don't like it much, and it obviously feels the same about me. No loss, playing with Linux was just for fun. It was RISC OS that I intended to set to work with...

Look on the bright side - for all of you waiting for your RaspberryPis, at least I'll shut up about the Beagle for a while. ☺


Vide genier

It's a phrase y'all know by now. It is a Sunday tradition (as there's little else to do on a Sunday around here).

Mom got a Japanese stitchwork picture for me (€10). Here's a photo of it:

Japanese picture stitchwork

It is a beautiful thing, stitched in silk and metallic thread in long stitch. Here's a closeup to show the level of detail:

Japanese picture close up

A little further on, a woman wanted €20 for a 17" flat-screen monitor. She said it works, though vide greniers are always caveat emptor. It, sadly, does not accept DVI (for the Beagle), but it takes analogue VGA-style so I could get rid of the assortment of crappy CRTs around.
Sorry, I said, I only have fifteen with me holding up a ten and a five.
Sorry, she replied, I guess I'll have to let it go for fifteen.

Here's the lovely zombie girl Sanka Rea:

Big monitor

I'm sure you're getting an idea of where I might find a use for this monitor. Imagine animé films...


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joe, 31st May 2012, 08:27
Hi Rick, 
can't you claim your laundry expenses, for washing work clothes? We can do it, something like $0.50 a load, twice a week is like $100, you'll get 30 to 40% back. 
If this Japanese thing is real Japanese, it might be worth much, much more. 
Yes I am still willing to send you my Beagleboard xM, I'm an optimist and I don't think the swap would be necessary, besides we have DigiKeys her, just around the corner.
Rick, 3rd June 2012, 03:38
Due to sterility/hygiene, washing stuff is contracted out. Some days, the girls come out of work looking like they'd just done mud wrestling in a vat of chocolate (hmmm, pervy!) so washing that muck in a domestic appliance would kill it in short order. 
I'm always a little upset when I see something that took a lot of work being flogged off for pennies. There was a cross-stitch that somebody bought. Looked like a famous painting, though I don't recall which, and it must have been over a metre wide. A real labour of passion if you think a stitch is maybe 2mm or so across. The woman that bought it paid TWO euros. WTF? 
Okay, okay, it'll be in the mail soon! ;-) I'd like to be an optimist, but I'm of British descent. <rotfl> 

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