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Will Smith is a twat

In case you've been living under a rock (see what I did there?), this is a reference to the Oscars.
Now, celebrity events like this seem to like to try to find "edgy" comedians to make fun of the celebrities to their faces (though not too edgy, I don't think they could handle any more Ricky Gervais).
I guess the producers think this sort of thing makes the show more watchable; putting some well-crafted insults in between the insufferable luvvies gushing about who gives a crap for three freaking hours.

Well, the big... sorry, I mean only story worth mentioning this year is when Chris Rock (a man who I personally find annoying in the same way as I find mosquitoes annoying) made a rather below the belt comment to Will Smith's wife, Jada... something or other... by saying he is looking forward to G.I. Jane 2.
Why this is below the belt is because her lack of hair is due to a medical condition, not a fashion choice. So it's a bit, you know, purile. You wouldn't mock a masectomy, right? Or if the hair loss was The Big C?

And had it stopped there, the takeaway from the night would have been that Chris Rock is a bit of a dick.

But no. Will Smith appeared to be laughing, then noticed that his wife looked extremely unhappy, so being The Man he marched up onto the stage and slapped Chris. It looked like across the face. And then Smith walked back to his seat and dropped an F-bomb. And just in case the message wasn't received, he yelled it again, this time louder.

Rock handled it like a pro, the event moved swiftly on, and Smith later won his own statue and gave some rambling tear-filled bollocks about being a river and love and...

Actually... hold on one goddamn moment.

J.K. Rowling got cancelled and dumped upon for pointing out that the word for "people who menstruate" might be... women; and for what seems to be comments along the lines that a women is a women and a person who thinks they're a woman but biologically not is... not.
That may or may not be entirely accurate - it's a summary of a long editorial that I skimmed through. The point being, she's been accused of being trans-phobic and rather than accepting that she is entitled to her opinion (especially as a woman), she's been pilloried. And now referenced by Putin...which is probably worse.

But it's alright for a guy to defend his wife's honour by going and physically assaulting a person?

Screw you, Smith. Violence is never the answer, and I don't care what sort of bullshit excuse your PR agent puts into your mouth, violence is never the answer.
As a celebrity, people look up to you. Your life is bleated about endlessly in trashy magazines and the Daily Mail's website. If you're in the limelight, you assume the role of being either a role-model, or entertainment. Good professionals can do both at the same time.

This is the message you feel is okay to put out there, in one of the most widely televised bits of pointlessness that doesn't involve kicking a ball? Go and hit somebody you disagree with?

You. Bloody. Twat.

Violence is never the answer.


Hiding in plain sight?

Notice the registration.
Notice the aircraft registration.


Dumb things in British papers

Two things can be guaranteed when you look at a news app set to British.

The first thing is that somebody (usually someone called Martin Lewis) issues warning about something or other. This one thing can invalidate your car insurance. This simple trick will slash hundred from your electricity bill. Blah blah blah.

The second thing is endless odd looking diagrams that are claimed to provide deep insights into your personality.

Is it a fish or is it a mermaid?
Is it a fish or is it a mermaid?

I didn't bother to read the article because it isn't a fish. Nor is it a mermaid. It's very clearly a horse.



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Gavin Wraith, 28th March 2022, 23:18
It seems that the word 'sex' has of late been replaced by the word 'gender', which I always understood to be a linguistic term. That is how I use it, anyway. But for some individuals, sex can be hard to define. Chromosomally XX indicates female, XY male. Can you have XXY? I do not know. But when it comes to other characteristics, such as menstruation, lactation, having testes, ... it seems that practically every combination can occur. And that is just physical characteristics; psychological ones have to be added in too. The only civilized course of action is to take individuals as you find them, and to stop trying to categorize them all the time, but maybe that is impossible?
J.G.Harston, 29th March 2022, 13:18
There was a phase when people started using "gender" as a synonym for "sex" because ooo, "sex" that's a naughty word, can't say that, it's too embarrasing. But "gender" is *NOT* a synonym for "sex", it's completly different, it's like using "density" as a synonym for "length". 
Basically, sex is what's between your legs, gender is what's between your ears.
David Pilling, 30th March 2022, 01:34
I see a seal.

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