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Entries in April 2022...
  • 2022/04/01 - Oh dear - brrr!, Oh dear - work without me, Key fob hack.
  • 2022/04/02 - IPP on RISC OS.
  • 2022/04/03 - Firefox 98 (Android), Other stuff Google has broken.
  • 2022/04/06 - Potato torturing, Some light gardening on Monday, A cooking oil adventure.
  • 2022/04/07 - Saving electricity - off isn't off!
  • 2022/04/08 - France votes - but hopefully not for Le Pen; No, Akshata Murty isn't 'just a private citizen'.
  • 2022/04/10 - Sakura, Storm and Saturday, Printers, The seeds are sown, Metal Lords.
  • 2022/04/11 - Swallow!, The dust settles.
  • 2022/04/15 - RISC OS outside, Fun with oscilloscopes, My veg, Crit'Air, AU attack 3D 'game'.
  • 2022/04/16 - Croissants, Fuel efficiency of my Aixam GTO, A magical Easter.
  • 2022/04/17 - Dear France, Easter Full Moon, How I spent Easter Sunday.
  • 2022/04/21 - I took the Life In The UK (citizenship) test.
  • 2022/04/23 - My 'Easter egg', Pollen, Potatoes, Playing with ray casting.
  • 2022/04/25 - Averting a disaster...for now, And soon another tablet, Potatoes!
  • 2022/04/29 - ABS failure, Magazine subscription, My vegetables, Kicking the delusional.
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