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  • 2024/03/02 - Budget robot vacuum cleaner - Tristar SZ-4187.
  • 2024/03/09 - Car woes, Speaking of failing engines, Danew's crappy customer service, Bye-bye dam, Anna's time has come, My gamble is working so far.
  • 2024/03/13 - Happy Birthday mom!, Marte says hello.
  • 2024/03/20 - My laser printer has died, The sad pickle, Car repair, Gardening, Modern Mona Lisa and other AI madness, How about a nice cup of Tea?
  • 2024/03/22 - Mowing, Pi swap, Kate's photo, Bodging aspect ratio in ffmpeg, French school uniforms, More bramble whacking.
  • 2024/03/23 - Vermin, OLED display, Kate..., Another cup of Tea, dear?
  • 2024/03/25 - Old code considered harmful?, Danew the saga continues, Yup brambles, Old phone (OMG yes another), Anna's last day as a female cat.
  • 2024/03/26 - Tea 0.03, Anna and the apocalypse, Baltimore's bridge.
  • 2024/03/28 - My laser printer is dead, OLED module update.
  • 2024/03/29 - Holiday, Electrics, More electrics, Waste, Electricity price rises, Wanderer, Thirty-seven.
  • 2024/03/30 - The walnut tree, Looking at other sequencers.
  • 2024/03/31 - It's nice when stuff just works, Minor blog tweaks, Programming best practice, Adventures in WiFi, Almost Sakura!, An egg free zone.
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