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SimpleSeq v0.18

The application growing, and the memory allocations used, caused the addresses of some of the dialogue components to exceed the space allocated in the handles. Just to be clear, there was no memory overrun or anything like that. However the handles returned by the dialogue manager contain an address and an object reference, and if the space for the address is exceeded then when, later on, we want to read something from the dialogue, it would fail (and return '0') because the address and the object ID got mingled together, so it's no longer possible to correctly separate them... which would lead to some dialogue elements failing to work as expected (like setting radio options and/or check boxes being ignored).
The word allocation has been changed, so this problem no longer happens.

Also, while I was at it, a few more tweaks to improve reliability with the file loader when it comes to damaged files.

There is no change to the user-facing behaviour, so the v0.17 user guide still applies. It is linked below in case you don't have it.


Download (135.95K)
For RISC OS 5 machines with MIDI

There's an updated user guide.



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Rick, 1st December 2023, 08:02
As it turns out, I must be the only person using this software. 
How do I know? Well, I accidently left in a line of test code that hardwired each instrument to be '0' (piano)... and nobody has mentioned anything. Hmm... 
There's a fix, but I'm working on fixing something else at the same time so email me if you'd like an update. Though, as I said, think I'm mostly talking to myself here. 😉

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