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Happy Birthday, Mom

Part 1 - flowers, tea, and Mac&Cheese (sort of):


Pancakes (from scratch):



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John, 13th March 2023, 08:41
Is Mac&Cheese an Americanism? When I were a lad it was always Macaroni Cheese, and in our household had quarters of hard-boiled egg and, if you were lucky, some bits of bacon. 
I always make a cheese sauce with a proportion of powdered English mustard (half) in the <i>roux</i>. Ah, nostalgia isn't what it used to be!
Rick, 13th March 2023, 20:08
Yeah, I'd imagine Mac&Cheese is leftpondian. Quicker to write, say, and saves dealing with "It's foreign - How many Cs? How many NS?". ;) 
There are probably as many variations of the recipe as there are cooks making it. I've seen egg, bacon, nutmeg, and alsorts thrown in. 
But for me, simply pasta and cheese. Anything else is an extravagance (and more washing up). 
VinceH, 13th March 2023, 22:24
I had my first ever mac & cheese a few weeks ago. It was a supermarket-bought 'packet' type stuff so probably not the best, but I thought it was okay. Certainly okay enough for me to have bought a couple more packets when I was next there - things like that are a handy quick meal. 
One snag: There are instructions on the pack to prepare it on the hob or in the microwave. I opted for the latter, and I followed the instructions exactly... but it didn't half leave a mess at the bottom of the microwave. :/ 
Next pack, I'll use the hob. 
(Palindromic captcha number FTW!)
John, 14th March 2023, 13:50
Of course, I have tomatoes as well! 
Just for fun there's a recipe at: 
if you can be bothered. Rick won't - rather fixed in his ways!

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