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Samhain 2020 - Checking valve clearances

I noticed that of recent, Felicity has been harder to start from cold. A typical symptom of numerous things, but one was the valve clearances. So, since there's nothing else to do and I don't see my car being serviced any time soon, I delved in to check.

It's fiddly as hell.


Samhain 2020 - Confinement Halloween

And now time to get a little bit political with this year's pumpkin. I had no idea what exactly I was going to do until I began carving, and this little work of art took form almost as if by itself.



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David Pilling, 1st November 2020, 01:43
That toolbox is getting more desirable. Probly you are being absorbed by the Borg (-Warner (makers of carburettors)). The core tension in the narrative was will you get it back together again.  
As to Mr Pumpkin Head, he marks a place in time. I never heard those who lived through the 1919 Spanish Flu talk about it - perhaps not surprising. 
Interesting how TV programs are being shot to either show or conceal when they're made. 

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