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Happy birthday to meee!

I would like to say that I had a good birthday, but I didn't really. Firstly I was in Zombie mode so actually I slept most of the afternoon. And then there's the problem that many years ago I made a list of places I'd go and see by the time I'm 35 - when 35 was still "ancient" and a long way off.
Well, I'm now 36. And I've not been to Stockholm. Or Canada. Or Maryland. Or New Zealand. Or northern Spain. Firenze. Germany's Black Forest... Of course life changes, my #1 spot to go now is Japan, but whichever way you cut the birthday cake, I've been nowhere on my list. So excuse me a time spent feeling sorry for myself.

Of course, I tried to keep it hidden at work. I put out sweeties like it is the custom to do, and the only clue I left was the sweets spelled out "36".

It would have worked, if not for the information display stating in huge letters that it was my birthday. Mmmm...

Still, one girl said her grandfather always wanted to go to Paris. Finally, aged something like 82, he went. And came back with a new girlfriend which eventually became his wife. Go figure.


Talking of which...

The information display is like a sort of fancy Powerpoint in a loop. For some odd reason it is actually quite slow at rendering animations. Like when the word "NEWS" fades in, you see the 'N' and a fuzzy 'E' and then it pauses a second or two before displaying the word properly.

It doesn't run all the time, like the TV. Through the night it says "PAS DE SYNC" as the computer is off. Just prior to this, it gives the game away somewhat.


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