Registration costs about 10 euros.
0.21 (2009/07/27)

How to register

Initially, WebScan will operate in unregistered mode if you dismiss the registration prompt without entering a valid name and key.
In this scenario, WebScan is offered in the spirit of "shareware", which allows you to test the software before purchasing it.


The difference

When working in an unregistered way, WebScan contains a number of restrictions, namely:

  • The file scanner uses the "old method" which is quite a lot slower (about ten times slower).
  • The Copy Out function will only copy out the first 25 files.
  • Profiles (when implemented) will not be available to unregistered users.
  • After using WebScan for a while, it will pop up a "reminder" every fifth time you use it.

Here's what you get when you register:

  • It checks for file structure changes around ten times faster!
  • No restrictions on the Copy Out.
  • More features and more functionality (as and when implemented - submit your wish lists!)

In addition, you can submit to me your wish list... who knows, maybe your most desired feature will turn up in the next version?


Trial duration

I offer you a trial period of 14 days (consecutively). Use it as little or as much as you like. If you want to keep using WebScan, you should register it. If not, you should remove the software from your computer and stop using it.


The price (and how to register)

I have a French bank account, with the Post Office (La Banque Postale).

The price is whatever it costs that results in ten euros being deposited into my account.
[there is an alternative]

Simply email me and I will reply with my postal address. Send your payment in whatever method you deem most appropriate, and as I receive that payment I will provide you with the registration key to unlock the full functionality of WebScan.

I wish to apologise for the fact that my ordering system is not a simple "click here, credit card handy". I am a private individual with no Internet access and there is no way that I can afford that sort of sophistication. I don't do PayPal either, due to the lack of Internet.


Multi-user/site licence

For multi-user and site licence prices, please contact me with details.
You do not need a site licence for a private home network which is used only by yourself.


The final grovel...

WebScan has taken time (and lots of cups of tea and plates of pasta) to create. If you like the software, please register it!


A possibly useful alternative to sending cash...

I also "collect" bits of computer hardware that people feel are prehistoric but may prove to be useful to me.
I am on the lookout for:

  • PCMCIA (type I or II (old style)) Ethernet card - 10baseT is what I'm looking for!
  • USB 1.1 compatible goodies: frame grabber, networking, SCSI-I interface, etc etc.
  • Psion 3a, 3c, 3mx, or series 5?
  • 2.5" standard IDE laptop-style harddisc, in the order 8Gb-20ishGb or so.
  • 3.5" standard IDE harddisc, 60Gb+ or so.
  • SoDIMM modules, 128Mb or 256Mb?
  • Whatever sort of memory fits into a 450MHz Pentium III machine, 128Mb-512Mb or so. This stuff will be accepted in any condition so long as it actually works. The only specific requirement is that computer hardware is supplied with a driver disc, as sometimes finding drivers is easy and sometimes it is near impossible.

    If you have any of the above that is surplus to requirements and you are willing to drop it in the post, then I'll swap it for a registration, no cash no fuss.

  • Copyright © 2009 Richard Murray