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0.08 (2007/12/06)

Download WaxLyrical これにします

Costs and distribution rights

This software is available to you for free. Install it, use it, enjoy it.

As this is an early release, this software is NOT to be redistributed.
Full details are provided in the "licence agreement" which is shown during installation.


Missing DLL? Missing OCX?

If you experience problems using WaxLyrical (missing DLL, missing OCX),
then you need to download and install the Various Dependencies, 3,240K.


What's new in this version

  • Tweaks to the time calculation in the "Match Lyrics" stage.
  • Some enhanced error messages, plus a correction to MMSystem errors to prevent subsequent text being clipped.
  • Various lyric editor list enhancements - pressing Del or Backspace will now remind you to press ^D; also some basic help appears if you press F1.
  • If you specify a language file that does not exist, WaxLyrical will now revert to using English instead of aborting with a File/path access error.


Okay, now for the download!

WaxLyrical download
Version 0.08
WaxLyrical distribution. Save this .EXE to your harddisc, virus scan it, and then run it to install WaxLyrical.
You do not need to uninstall any previous version before installing this version.


Other stuff...

Some example lyrics files are provided. They are given in 'text' form so you can read them. If you use them, rename them to the same as your MP3 file only with the extension lrc.
  • Blue Bird (Cocco)
    "Blue Bird", from the music video of the same name, used as the end/theme of the Japanese film "Vital"; shown on FilmFour.
    In peculiar English, written and performed by the Japanese singer Cocco.
    Lyrics from "Cocco Forever!" (sorry, no URL), minor corrections by myself.
  • Country Road (Yuko Honna)
    "Country Road", from the Studio Ghibli animé "Whisper Of The Heart" (Mimi wo sumaseba); shown on FilmFour.
    In Japanese (romaji).
    Lyrics compiled by myself from and another apparently at
  • Kaze ni naru (Ayano Tsuji)
    "Kaze ni naru" (I become the wind), from the Studio Ghibli animé "Spirited Away"; shown on BBC Two.
    In Japanese (romaji).
    Lyrics compiled by myself from and another site (sorry, no URL as it saved as a text file).
  • My Last Breath (Evanescence)
    "My Last Breath", from the album "Fallen".
    In English; transcribed by myself.
  • When You're Gone (Avril Lavigne)
    "When You're Gone", recorded from the music channel B4. Note that this is taken from a video recording of a music channel broadcast, so the timings will not correspond with any official release of this song - run it through the match up process...
    In English; transcribed by myself.

Copyright © 2007 Richard Murray