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WaxLyrical FAQ お廐いします

Why does it say "CreateMPEG32 TASK_CMD is not successful!!" when starting?

This is because the default driver for playing MP3 files is not loading correctly. It is likely that Mptool fails with the same error.

You can specify the name of an MCI media driver to use - try MPEGVideo2 - refer to the help for information on how to do this.


What languages is the software available in?

Currently, the software is available in English and my not-so-good translation to French.
WaxLyrical will look for a language data file using the English language name of the current locale (for example "french" and "italian"), so it is possible that others may translate this software into their own language.
Those who translate WaxLyrical are encouraged to send me the translations so that they may be included with the software for the benefit of others who speak that language...


Do you have some example lyrics files?

Please refer to the download page.


I cannot get the MP3 playback to work / my MP3 player does not work

I'm sorry, I cannot help with either of these. It is sometimes a sad indictment but a similar product of mine, "TechnikaTweak", has led to a number of people asking me for help formatting their player, recovering lost data, and even repairs for damaged LCDs!

In the case of MP3 playback... Every system is set up differently. What I would suggest is that you Google for the "K-Lite Codec Pack". This will install support for LOADS of different media formats, and should your computer lurk in the stone age of AVIs and WAVs, it will enlighten it to the delights of DivX and MP3! Fully configurable (almost to an excess) and flexible, with a feature-laden "media player classic".
If disc space and crapping up your system with lots of junk is not an issue, go find yourself the official Windows Media Player 9 from Microsoft. You'll also be able to play music with digital rights management, should you sell yourself out in that way... [I believe in the concept of "one file, many players"]

In the case of WMA playback... I am under the impression that WMA is a proprietory format, so you will need to download and install either Windows Media Player and/or the relevant codec packs. If it helps, I installed both, then uninstalled WMP...

In the case of a malfunction of your player, please address your vendor.
If you care to take a look inside a similar player, you will see that a home repair is not exactly viable!

If you ask me for specific help not directly related to my software... I can provide you with my suggestions, but only my personal suggestions. Please be aware that I am not in any way affiliated with the mpman company - which is a shame as I'd love to play with the firmware for my player... but there you go.


What's inside one of these devices?

Given that the player identifies itself to the computer (when you dismount it on W98SE) as a "Sigmatel MSCN" device, it is likely we can assume the innards are much the same as the Technika ML-2; namely a Sigmatel audio processor STMP35xx, a FlashROM of the specified size, and some control circuitry for the display.
If you would like a picture of the inside of the ML-2 (not an mpman player, but likely to look sort-of the same), then click here.

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