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0.14 (2008/01/31)

Download Callie (v0.14)

Missing DLL? Missing OCX?

If you experience problems using Callie (missing DLL, missing OCX - some message like "ComDlg32.ocx cannot be registered", etc...), then you will need to download and install the Various Dependencies, 3,240K.


What's new in v0.14?

The previous release of Callie was v0.11 on 20th January 2008.

This version, v0.14, incorporates what I believe to be correct moon phase calculations (it is correct for Northern Hemisphere - I would appreciate it if somebody could test it for Southern Hemisphere).

Callie v0.14 also now calculates the date of Easter; relative to the Paschal full moon (which may not be the same date as the Astronomical full moon). This will be required for calculating various religious holidays in a forthcoming release. I would like to provide support for religions other than Christian - please send me algorithms if there are Jewish/Islamic/etc moveable festivals.


Restrictions/differences when unregistered

When unregistered, this software is functionally identical to the registered version, with the exception of:
  • A please-register-me window will appear when you start Callie.
  • Unregistered users cannot set permissions/lock their calendars; this is because Callie uses part of the registration key to determine if you are the 'creator' of the calendar.
  • There are a few vari-colour "unregistered" messages dotted here and there. This does not affect the operation of the software, and absolutely no 'unregistered' messages appear on the printed output.
No features have been intentionally restricted, and Callie will print identically pixel-for-pixel the exact same thing whether registered or not; those "unregistered" messages are not emblazoned across the printouts. Yes, I am repeating myself. I think it is important to make this point clear.

One other thing: Callie has no time-out. It won't hold your files to ransom after 'x' days of use. This registration thing works on trust. I trust you to be honest and register Callie. If you don't, there won't be a team of suits hounding you down. On the other hand, if people use Callie but don't register it, I'll figure there isn't enough interest and I'll devote my time to something else.
Come on: I'm not even asking a fixed price for Callie, and I accept that for some payment in Euros could be a problem so I offer the option of payment in unused picture postage stamps. So why not show your interest and register Callie today?


How to register

  • Private user: Simply send me (in euros) what you thing Callie is worth to you. There is no fixed price.
    If you will have difficulty in sending euro currency, you have the option of sending stamps - more details in the FAQ.
  • Commercial user: You must contact me with details of environment, number of installations, concurrent use, etc on headed paper and I will return a quote.
    There are preferential rates for educational establishments.
  • Registered charities: (any legal charity, anywhere in the world) The price to you is at least one picture postage stamp (preferably more, but not essential). You should send this to me with a request on headed paper.
In all cases, you must specify the name that you wish for Callie to be registered to. This must be the name of a person for private users. In the case of commerce/educational/charity, it can be a department or company name.

You will require my postal address. The initial contact should be conducted by email, upon which I will respond with my postal address.

Upon receipt of payment (or stamps), I will send you - either in writing or by email (email only for private user registrations) your registration key, plus details of exactly how to register the software.

DO NOT PANIC! I know this process is not likely to be very fast. I am not currently able to offer a one-click immediate registration service. But this is not a problem, even if it takes a month to do this. Why? Because Callie will not stop after 'x' days of use. It won't hold your data to ransom or give you nasty messages. It will carry on working - there is no time-out, no maximum number of uses, none of that annoying rubbish.


Okay, now for the download...

Callie download

If you have Callie v0.09 or later, the "Check for updates" would permit you to download and install this new version with minimal difficulty.


Version 0.14
Callie standard distribution, version 0.14.
Save this .EXE to your harddisc, virus scan it (if your system doesn't do this automatically), and then run it to install Callie...
You do not need to uninstall any previous version before installing this version.


Copyright © 2008 Richard Murray