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Callie FAQ

I get some weird error about COMDLG32.OCX!

Download and install the various dependencies, (3,240K).
Once that has been performed, Callie will work... as will my other Windows software, and any third-party software using the same libraries.


Why bother when you can buy a calendar for €10?

Well, you might be able to display calendars of Heroes or Buffy or Hello Kitty, but it won't be personal.
There are lots of calendars of cute critters, sexy girls, hunky blokes, or for the truly weird - Anne Geddes babies. However these are all mass produced. Somebody else choose the pictures. Somebody else designed the calendar. All you do is hang it on the wall and look at it.

For truly personal calendars, your options are to either buy some sort of calendar creation package, or pay large amounts of money to have your digital pictures turned into a professional calendar.

Or, alternatively, you can use Callie - and especially you can have lots of fun making calendars with your kids and/or partner.


But Callie isn't free though?

That's right. Callie is shareware. You should register Callie, however instead of saying this software costs so many euros/pounds/dollars, I will say instead that you pay me what you feel Callie is worth to you - simply ask for my address.
In return for your registration, I will send you a registration key for Callie.

And now - knowing that there are likely to be problems with some people being able to send me euro currency, I say this:

Think of how much you would like to pay me for Callie. Obtain that amount worth of unused picture postage stamps (by preference from Canada, Japan, Scandinavia, or the countries that recently joined the EU; but pretty much anywhere is good except for the UK or France (I can get those myself!)); and send me those stamps. I will, in return, send you a registration for Callie.
So - if sending me euros is going to be a headache, send me stamps instead!


Is Callie crippled if unregistered?

If you call a start-up prompt and a number of "unregistered" notices 'crippled', then yes.
As far as software functions and printed output are concerned, the registered and unregistered versions behave the same.

The only small caveat is that you cannot 'lock' or set 'permissions' for your calendars using the unregistered version. This is because Callie uses part of your registration key to determine if you are the 'owner' of the calendar (as the owner always has full permissions for their calendar, regardless of what the options are set to).


You only accept euros?

My local currency is the Euro. If you live in a region with a different currency (US/Can/Aus/NZ dollar, pound sterling, etc) then please talk to your bank about it. Everywhere has their preferred way of doing things. If it helps, I bank with "La Banque Postale" (BIC PSSTFRPPNTE).
Please do not post me cash unless you are willing to accept it stands a good chance of never arriving. Euro banknotes include metallic strips that are very distinctive to certain types of detector.
You could try "international reply coupons" (coupon-réponse intérnationale?). I have no experience with using these, but I will give it a try if anybody is interested. Same for postal orders/postal mandates if they are valid overseas.

But, don't forget, if Euros are a problem for you, you can always pay in postage stamps.

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