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Entries in November 2023...
  • 2023/11/04 - I bet you were expecting pumpkin photos, The terrible storm, Redmi Note 12 Pro, The obligatory political observation.
  • 2023/11/05 - Getting a heater going, The future of RISC OS?
  • 2023/11/09 - Suella Braverman, Lidl Slow Cooker unboxing.
  • 2023/11/10 - The lost future, Lonely people die first.
  • 2023/11/11 - Printer calculator #2, Better oscilloscope plots - DSOplot update.
  • 2023/11/12 - Mamie Fletcher's House, A final word on the printing calculator.
  • 2023/11/13 - Amazon and bits, Proud to be Scottish, Shenanigans, This is why we can't have nice things, Applied Idiocy, Life's little pleasures.
  • 2023/11/18 - Work offer, Pay rise!, Free money!, Say hello to Lucie.
  • 2023/11/19 - Weather weirdness, SimpleSeq v0.17.
  • 2023/11/22 - Unreal humans.
  • 2023/11/23 - Inside a USB DVD player.
  • 2023/11/25 - Winter is coming, Christmas cards, Torygraph purchase, A foreigner's guide to mainstream British newspapers, Redmi Note 12 Pro low light photos, The creeping tentacles, Domestic stuff.
  • 2023/11/26 - SimpleSeq v0.18.
  • 2023/11/28 - I survived!, Afterwards, Fast food from a machine.
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