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Entries in September 2023...
  • 2023/09/01 - I hate people, White privilege.
  • 2023/09/02 - AI and copyright.
  • 2023/09/04 - Tea Saves Society (ChatGPT).
  • 2023/09/05 - Collapsing, Heatwave.
  • 2023/09/08 - Swallows, HOLIDAY!, My inheritance, Defrosting the fridge, Rugby.
  • 2023/09/11 - USB MIDI for RISC OS, SimpleSeq v0.04, Car repair, Electric car?, LED light bulbs are terrible.
  • 2023/09/12 - A massive shock, How the right wing thinks, Once upon a time, Deadly cake, Hollywood science.
  • 2023/09/13 - SimpleSeq v0.05, Some light gardening, One Piece, Some more backdrops.
  • 2023/09/14 - Deceitful employee testing, Tin foil hats, Gesticulation.
  • 2023/09/16 - Yesterday..., SimpleSeq v0.06, Candlelight, No we haven't been visited by aliens.
  • 2023/09/18 - SimpleSeq is finished! (v0.07) Liz Truss.
  • 2023/09/19 - Happiness from the tax man, Blind idiot code translation.
  • 2023/09/20 - Expression evaluation with ChatGPT.
  • 2023/09/21 - SimpleSeq v0.08, UV bug lamp failure, Not going to Nantes, Cooler mods, And...
  • 2023/09/22 - Big Town, Citizen CX-32N printing calculator, Socotel S63 - yes another.
  • 2023/09/23 - SimpleSeq v0.09, UV lamp fail, Stupid retro prices, A little bit of gardening, European content on streaming services.
  • 2023/09/28 - ChooseBD v0.03, UV bug basher, Simple solutions aren't so simple.
  • 2023/09/30 - The relentless persecution of motorists, We're all going to die!
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