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Entries in August 2022...
  • 2022/08/03 - Yet more heat, Shrinkflation, Washing, Swallowtail caterpillar, Rees-Mogg was wrong and the folly of Brexit.
  • 2022/08/05 - It's the economy stupid, EDF and consent, Being nannyed by Google, Tidying up, Storms, Heat and bugs, More tidying up, Haircut.
  • 2022/08/07 - Archie - it's finally over, I went to Craon yesterday, The psychology of fleas, Vacuuming the concrete outside, Repainting the windows.
  • 2022/08/09 - USB MIDI for RISC OS.
  • 2022/08/11 - Why I don't program for a living.
  • 2022/08/14 - Cleaning a hairdryer, Cleaning the dehumidifier, Cleaning the toaster, Saturday - the final hottest day [video], Sunday - the day after [video], Trying to bake a cake in the multicooker.
  • 2022/08/15 - Cement repairs.
  • 2022/08/17 - Simple remote controller hack, Drain blockage.
  • 2022/08/19 - Final (week)day of my holiday, Fuji Finepix S1000fd (digital camera).
  • 2022/08/21 - Playing with Rhapsody,, A pleasant drive and a vide grenier, Widescreen versus photo frame, More on the Fujifilm S1000fd, S1000fd display technology, Back to work tomorrow.
  • 2022/08/24 - The Tory psychodrama drags on.
  • 2022/08/26 - What in the name of God..., Daylight hours, Playing with Dall-E, Playmobil and the cookie cutter, Rotovator air filter.
  • 2022/08/27 - Aircraft, More messing with DALL-E, Potato harvest.
  • 2022/08/28 - The BIG vide grenier in Coësmes.
  • 2022/08/31 - Right wing obsessions - a peek at the Daily Mail.
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