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Entries in July 2021...
  • 2021/07/01 - Vaccine side effect, What's in Moderna's vaccine?
  • 2021/07/03 - I went to McDonald's..., Summer sales?, Electric coolbox, Mower trouble, How to confuse automatic exposure / The Gloom, Stupid signs, Additional speakers, My Covid arm.
  • 2021/07/10 - A week of yawning, Starting the old C1, An enjoyable drive.
  • 2021/07/11 - Your Sunday sermon.
  • 2021/07/13 - A tale of two countries, A screw loose, The other strimmer.
  • 2021/07/15 - That strimmer, Grass and weeds and potatoes, Harvest.
  • 2021/07/17 - Yesterday was sad face day - potato trauma! Today was happy face day - squashed cow pieces!
  • 2021/07/18 - Johnson is a lying scumbag, Fiddling with the strimmer, Coding outside.
  • 2021/07/22 - Brexit red tape, The most hated Olympics ever, Strimmer - end game (for now), Hot, but..., Cummings and goings.
  • 2021/07/25 - Mom's old bike, Spare Aixam drive belt, Sarin?
  • 2021/07/26 - HP Instant Ink - cartridge failure.
  • 2021/07/28 - Netgear N300 WNR2000v5 - a little toy.
  • 2021/07/31 - Holiday! :-)
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