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0.05 (2017/07/27)

Introducing Manga

The latest version of Manga is v0.05, 2017/07/27.

Manga is a RISC OS friendly interface to manga hosted on

When Manga starts, it builds a big menu listing all of the available titles (over four and a half thousand):

When you have chosen a manga, click the Go! button and begin reading - it couldn't be simpler:


What you'll need

  • A RISC OS machine.
  • An internet connection.

This software does NOT work on Windows, Android, Linux, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Manga work on older versions of RISC OS?
    It was developed on a Pi and is intended for use with the later 32 bit machines; however I have lightly tested it under emulation and it seems to work okay, though note that on real hardware it will be slower.
    You may need to update your SharedCLibrary - the latest version is at
  • My screen is smaller than the manga page, and dragging the scrollbar up and down is really tedious...
    If your mouse has a scroll wheel, and your operating supports it (ie RISC OS 5), then you can use the scroll wheel to scroll easily and quickly.
  • The last release was v0.02, then 0.05. Where were the intermediate updates?
    This site is updated from time to time. If you want to always have access to the most recent version of Manga, you should choose the Beta Track updates. This will ask Manga to check my private server instead of here. The downside is that the beta releases may have debugging code. The upside is you'll get to play with new features sooner. This is because "publishing" updates here means turning on the PC, editing web pages, and so on. While "publishing" to my private server means copying the release files into the served directory...
    To join the Beta Track, you must be running version 0.03 or later. Set the system variable Manga$BetaTrack and it'll happen. Refer to the !Run file for details.
  • Does the upgrader "call home"?
    That depends upon what you mean by calling home. It does, necessarily, communicate with my server (either the public or the private) because it doesn't have access to magic in order to tell whether or not a new version is available. It does not send any form of identification. If you look in the executable binary, you might spot that Manga actually pretends to be Firefox on an Android phone. The only identification is your IP address will be registered in the server log as having requested a file. This happens everywhere always automatically (you have been logged as fetching this document and its images - this is normal). I don't look at the server logs. Frankly, life is too short...
    However, if you prefer an aluminium foil hat, setting the system variable Manga$NoUpdateCheck (see !Run file) will disable the checking, but you'll need to then look for updates yourself. Unless something epic happens, I will more or less cease posting updates about Manga development on the ROOL forum and my blog. Why should I? Manga will tell you... :-)


Download it!

Manga v0.05 download
Version 0.05
Manga, the RISC OS manga reader.
The changelist of the previous version or so, shown when you click "More info" in the update prompt.
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