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My unBirthday

Today I am 50½. I had the obligatory chicken Fray Bentos, along with potato balls done in the air fryer. As I was eating that, I watched the final episode of the second season of Theodosia. Something about a girl with Egyptian magic... I can't help but feel it might have made more sense had I watched the first season. ☺

Chicken pie and magical girls...

I also popped by Gerph's livestream coding session, and spotted a bug before he did. ☺ It was good to have fibre for this, as I was able to switch up to 1080p rather than being limited to something awful like 480p or, ugh, 360p, which is what I probably would have had to put up with on ADSL.
Speaking of which, I was watching an episode of Fallout on Amazon Prime last night and I noticed it looked a little better than before. I had been bumped to HD1080 rather than HD. I could probably go to UHD but there's no point as my phone's screen isn't up to that.

I didn't get the grass cut this weekend. It was raining on and off yesterday. It's a bit drier today, but still wet.


SkyTune (app)

So for a few hours after noon I scratched a personal itch and threw together a program to control my SkyTune internet radio, the Denver IR-135. I would imagine it would work with other, similar, SkyTune devices.

It's a very simple app. It'll probably fail with a timeout the first time you try to use it. So open the iconbar menu and set the IP address...

Note that the icon does not respond to any mouse clicks when this is showing...

That's because the radio isn't overly fast at responding, so you need to wait until it has finished (or timed out).

When done, if it failed then set the IP address correctly, it'll try again.

When done, if it worked then you can click on Mute to mute and unmute the audio (it'll be ticked if muted).

And, of course, there's this...

This app has only been lightly tested (as in, it works here) and the app name has not (yet) been registered. It's basically something that I threw together in a few hours this afternoon.

Download (19.04K)
For RISC OS machines.


I also made a cheesecake, so I'm going to feed the furball and then get into bed (yes, at 7pm) and probably watch a few episodes of Lucifer unless I find a movie that catches my attention. It's the weekend and my unbirthday, so something amusing that doesn't require too much attention...




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Zerosquare, 17th June 2024, 13:45
Happy unBirthday, Rick!

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