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A giant elephant and other things...

On Wednesday, I decided that I didn't really want to go to Châteaubriant on Friday and spend my last two chèques vacances on burgers (as nice as they are...). I wanted to do something, I dunno, holiday-tourist-like.

So yesterday, I got up early, ended up in Châteaubriant, and... did something holiday-tourist-like. But not in Châteaubriant because there's nothing touristy there. Or anywhere around here, unless your idea of "my god YES!" is spotting tractors and/or cows.

So, I did this...

The editing is worse than normal (a naff jump cut where I sneezed, and twice getting up to stop the recording). It was gone sunset and bugs were chewing on my soft fleshy bits, plus I knew it would take forever to upload, so I just got the video together and didn't give it the usual multiple watch-throughs to ensure it plays smoothly.


Of course, we'll quietly gloss over the part where I got up today at half eleven. 😱 It's a combination of waiting until half two for the video to actually upload (Google's crappy coders again, more on this below) and having downed a litre of cherry coke at around 7pm(ish). Well, the caffeine and sugar made my headache go away quite effectively. It also made me the Energiser Bunny until gone midnight...

So, a laid back peaceful day today. I wonder if I have enough chèques vacances to fly to Rovaniemi, for the day, just to see if Santa exists... 😂


Google's crappy coders (again)?

A note on Google's crappy coders: So I upload a 1.2GiB video and in the status bar, Google helpfully rounds this up to 2GB (is that traditional gigabytes (base 2) or the assinine new gigabytes (base 10)?). Either way, if there is room to say "673 MB" then there's room for "1.2 GB".
Now for the time remaining. 3 hours, it settled on. Which in non-Google terminology means 4 hours because for some reason Google rounds this down. This is quite obvious when the upload sits for a long time at "About 1 hour remaining" and when you are less than 90 minutes, switches to telling you how many minutes remain. Going from "About 1 hour remaining" to "About 89 minutes remaining" ... it's not the same thing. Not at all.
Maybe some barely-ranking management wonk made the descision that "reducing the estimate of how long it will take will make the user feel better about our app" or some rubbish like that. The thing is, if we skip over the obvious collusion between YouTube's uploads and Android itself (more below), the speed of upload depends pretty much on the speed of the network. It isn't YouTube's fault, or Google's fault, that my broadband running flat out only manages around 80KiB a second (about four and a half megabytes a minute, which means 1.2GiB will take around 260 minutes, or about four and a third hours).
It is YouTube's fault if the app says "About three hours remaining" so you leave it to get on with things, and three hours later "About eighty minutes remaining". Learn to count, idiots.

The collusion I mentioned? Isn't it odd how uploading a video on mobile data (4G/4G+) effectively hijacks the connection to the point of other applications (Firefox, Chrome, etc) reporting not only that they couldn't access the requested site, but that there is no data connection, all the while the pull-down status shows the video upload slowly progressing.



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