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Day XXIV - this is it, the last one!


Food for Christmas

A little while ago, we went to an exposition put on by the (not so local) English. Most are in the "central Brittany" area, maybe a hundred or so miles west of here. Let's be honest. We went for some traditional English style food...

Tonight, as in maybe five minutes after I upload this, I'll be heading off for Tetley and beef stew and dumplings. I might make the other beef stew at the same time, as I can't imagine one tin will be enough.
Tomorrow, the "Just Chicken" along with some roast vegetables. More tea, of course. And maybe some pink-and-white to finish. That's Battenberg cake to most people, but I've called it pink-and-white pretty much since I knew what those words meant. Lovely marzipan-wrapped overly-sweet cakey goodness, that's what they mean. ☺

But... wait... why not French Christmas nosh?

The answer is simple. I can't stand most seafood. Cod and non-fishy salmon are about my limit of tolerance. Anything that looks like it would crawl on another planet (which counts for the entire crustacean family) are definite no-nos. And yes, I'm aware that something like 95% of the diet of Japan is based upon seafood. I'll worry about that when it arises...
And what seems to be traditionally French is to roll out an enormous seafood platter. At midnight. Ugh.

As for exciting things for Christmas Day? Feast your eyes upon this:

Top row, left to right: Kangaroo (!), Bambi (I think), Wild Boar, Ostrich.
Bottom row: Bison (you can't quite see this), Ostrich, Zebra (WTF?), Kangaroo, Ostrich.

Ostrich and Kangaroo have been turning up for a few years now. Zebra (apparently it tastes like horse, only stronger - not that I have any idea what horse tastes like) seems to be new.

But not to be outdone, allow me to present the second photograph:

Camel, Crocodile, Zebra. No, this isn't a wind-up. Somebody somewhere in this community of farmers is salivating over the thought of tucking in to crocodile tomorrow.

Now, maybe there will be a Frenchie itching to place a comment - mais oui! les crocodiles et les zébras sont MAGNIFIQUE! - well, you know what? You enjoy that...sustenance...and I'll enjoy my tinned chicken pie. Deal?

Marcassin, by the way, is baby boar.



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John, 25th December 2016, 11:14
We'll be having a 4.95 Kg turkey with chestnut stuffing, bread pudding, pigs in blankets, parsnips, carrots, sprouts, bite-size roasties done with goose fat and a delicious gravy. There will also be bacon to baste the turkey, other vegetables, and we will follow, after the cheese, with home-made last-minute christmas pudding (recipe available) with a spirit-enriched white sauce (may be rum, don't think there is any brandy) - or may just flambé it! Or we may go just for the crème frâiche option. 
Anyway, bon appetit!
VinceH, 25th December 2016, 20:33
I had ham, cheese and tomato sarnies - my traditional Christmas lunch. 
It might not sound that special, but did have a nice view while I ate it: 
VinceH, 25th December 2016, 20:53
Oh yeah, meant to comment on the food options: 
I'd quite like to try kangaroo. 
Bambi's just venison, Shirley. Quite nice, IIRC - but I've only had it once, in the very late 1980s, so I reserve the right to be wrong and/or to have changed my mind if I ever try it again. 
I'd imagine wild boar would be similar to pig - so it probably isn't! Another one to try. 
I think I've read that ostrich tastes a bit like beef, but is healthier. 
Bison? Sounds good!  
Zebra? Not something I've ever thought of - didn't realise it was sold anywhere for us to eat. But I'd try it. 
Camel is the one that puts me off. I've no idea why - I just don't like the idea of camel on my plate. 
And I'd definitely be happy to try crocodile. And alligator! 
Rick, 25th December 2016, 22:11
Nice view. I like tranquil places. 
As for the food choices - you eat, I'll hold the sick bag. ;-)

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