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Some software updates... EtherStat, OvHTML, and Scan32bit

I've made somesoftware updates which I'll put here until I get around to updating the respective software pages.
Converting this stuff was pretty easy. Finding where the source codes were...that was a different proposition entirely. Hmmm...


Crappy little utility that displays the status of your ethernet, like this:
EtherStat v0.02 by Rick Murray (2016/10/16)

Your Ethernet interface is 'up'.
Bytes sent     : 1023540
Bytes received : 50247

Press SPACE or click mouse to continue
Sometimes it can be useful to know if the link is down without fiddling around too much (that comes later, like why is the link down?).


OvHTML v0.49R

My HTML import filter for OvationPro. Rebuilt for 32 bit RISC OS, plus has had the later modifications to the Windows version backported to the original RISC OS source. Lightly tested on my Pi.
I don't plan to do much more with this software, it was designed in an era where HTML 3.2 was prevalent, thus it simply won't cope with HTML 5+CSS. At least, now, the two incarnations offer the same features.



A drop-dead-simple file scanner hat looks for and highlights potentially problematic code in 32 bit configurations. Updated a mere sixteen years later to provide support for detecting the SWP instruction which doesn't work on ARMv8. Also added some info (to the docs) about how to use Debugger spot unaligned loads and page zero accesses.



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