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What is...

Synapses fire.
A thought forms.
This throught propogates through my cerebrum.
Eventually becoming impulses in my nerves.
Which cause my fingers to move.
To press contacts.
Which cause different impulses to occur.
Deep within the heart of a computer.
The result being that certain locations in memory become arranged in a desired fashion.

These locations are then transferred to a disc.
Veratim, just so they will not become lost.
Then they are given to a compiler.
Which will take the arrangement of information,
and rearrange it into a completely different fashion,
that means the same thing.
Only, not to me.

This second arrangement,
is intended for a processor,
which will obey instructions and fetch locations in memory.
Logic gates will perform basic logic activities,
permitting or forbidding the passage of electrons,
which will influence the behaviour of other logic gates.
And so it progresses, for that location in memory may be transformed,
and/or written back, and/or written somewhere entirely different.

Eventually, after a long and complicated process, there will be a result.
Locations in memory become tangible.
Either as sounds produced, or as coloured dots in amidst an ocean of coloured dots.

Which is sensed by you.
Sound, by your ears,
images by your eyes.
Which cause impulses to be sent by nerves,
deep into your cerebrum.
You sense.
You understand.

The idea propogates.


What is... the program's source,
and the program itself.



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