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A dictated entry...

Note: The stuff crossed out is what the speech recognition thought I said, and the stuff in italics is what I did say. Lone words in italics are words just completely omitted from the transcription. There are a few editor comments, in [square brackets]. You'll see why. ☺
Punctuation was added afterwards, and I changed numerals to words (and marked them in bold to make it clear).


I am using my phone to dictate this message, little by little, so I do not met is cup mess it up. Unfortunately, as you can see, sometimes it comes up with the wrong words; however it doesn't seem to be that bad.

On Sunday I planted some sewing soy seeds. One has already started sprouted, and the other five are on the way. It is a type of so I soy called and mma Edamame which can be eaten green, a bean a lot like a large p pea. I will let you know how they get on.

There is an interesting link or 2 wrinkle in a the cucumber soccer saga, namely - was it or wasn't it a Spanish cucumber, and if it wasn't, then well what the hell was it?

I'm not working today as it is a religious holiday, and as there is little point working for just a single day, we don't go to work tomorrow either. So it's a long weekend, yay!
Unfortunately, afterwards I start working at nine o'clock at night and finish at five in the morning. My thoughts on this always sick are words that Google's speech recognition probably shouldn't be taught.

The key to making this speech recognition work it's a 2 is to use sentence fragments and not try to give it an entire sentence in one go. I can see how is a it is as I am speaking this; and watching results come back and know that I'm going to have to make lots of corrections. Hi shelley stephenson I shall include original transcription with strep throat stroke-through so you can see what it thought I was trying to say. Some of it is actually quite funny.
However to be honest, I think ill today series pistol really seriously that the quality of transcriptional I will need to improve 4 or they'll need to have a number of affordable Bluetooth keyboards to the be connected to your Android phone. the kids want It's one thing to use the kappa psi tap-and-swipe keyboard on the screen for short emails, writing long this thing finished man a good cruise today [wtf???] something this long would be totally unpleasant.

Perhaps this it is just my accent, I do not speak like an American. Then 9 it to neither do many people who are not Americans... and what is American anyway? Compare a Boston accent with a Southern accent. I'm so in love her boyfriend restaurant Throw in an annoying Fran Drescher New York accent, and you can see it its it is quite a problem for a machine to stick around figure out what the hell a human is saying. A bit like you try to reduce trying to read this entry!

On a much brighter note if you have an Android phone, I would recommend a video player that goes by the name of mobile player MoboPlayer. Which With software decoding enabled, this program proust proved quite able to decode and display 108 lp 1080p high definition physics DivX on my little mobile phone. The video is fluid, there is no sound corruption, and it is an overnight able to overlay subtitles. What more could I want?

Decatur [is that a word?] The kettle boiled several minutes ago so I'm going to wrap this up now make a cup of tea, political see internet pull this across the intranet, make all the corrections, and then bunny bung it on my website.

Opacity Or perhaps to be American I should say "later dude".
Haha - a dentist today [?] it understood that even with a funny accent!


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Rick, 17th June 2019, 21:48
That was 2011. Now I swear by, and sometimes at, MX Player. It gets the job done and there are options for hardware and software decoders, so you can switch to software decoding of HEVC if the hardware can't do it natively. It's also happy with satellite TS streams, including selection of audio track and subtitle. 
There's also the ever popular VLC for Android now. 

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