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Went to a vide grenier today, and picked up a copy of part one of the "Battle Royale" manga, which looks to be harder-core than the film (thus, probably illegal in the UK nowadays), plus... well...
Katana and I.
[you wanna piece of me?!]
The blade is real steel, so ought to dispatch zombies with a little more efficiency than Saeko's wooden kendo pole (though, to be honest, she does just fine!). The point is pretty damn sharp, but the edge of the blade isn't. It is a replica, obviously, as the real thing probably has not only a licence requirement, but a price tag well out of my reach.

It isn't strictly a katana, being only 48cm in (blade) length. But I prefer the name to the correct term, "wakizashi" which sounds like a type of noodle meal! Maybe next year I'll have more cash and can look to a real 60cm katana, unless the <50 cm size is a legal thing? But that's next year...

I would like to find out more about activities such as kendo, not just the Uma Thurman bits but also the mental aspect, for my brain could certainly do with some discipline!
And, if nothing else, if a burglar turns up (something worth nicking? here? you gotta be kidding! (the telly's almost as old as I am!)), this might be a mite more useful than a hammer and assorted philips-head screwdrivers, no?


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Rick, 2nd September 2010, 16:52
God, look at my hair... I'll be buying bottles of "Just For Men" before too long. <sob!>
Rob, 3rd September 2010, 17:01
Some of us wear our white hair with pride ... trouble with dying it, like pringles, once you start you can't stop. Not without making it bloody obvious, anyway.

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