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Accidents at work

There is a new board in our staff break room, which looks like this:
Whiteboard displaying number of days since the last work-related accident.

Now, while I am all for taking measures to reduce work-related injury, I can't help but thinking "initiatives" like this do more for the employer than the employee. What is the target of 60 days? If we make it to 60 days, do we get a bonus? What if you suffer an injury on day 58? The onus will be heavily in favour of not reporting it as an injury, after all, would you want to be the one to muck up their scheme with only two days to go?

While this might sound like a storm in a teacup, you have to think about what if the injury turns out to be a little more serious... wait, I'm sorry, you mean you didn't record it in the accident register book? oh... well... your bad...

That said, I have no idea what the process is for reporting/recording injuries. These aren't things you get told. And it is a worry, for I know somebody who got little sympathy from their employer because they failed to complete an accident registration in a book they were never told existed...

So here we are, on day thirty-something...


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