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  • 2009/07/03 - Problems but nothing is insurmountable, a new look, extra cooling.
  • 2009/07/13 - The eeePC 901 - overly verbose review!
  • 2009/07/14 - Our vide grenier, rain, adventures with WiFi, and why you should secure your own!
  • 2009/07/19 - eeePC and MBSA, more WiFi fun, Unix recursive deletes, RISC OS, XML, 8bits, and Yahoo mail offline.
  • 2009/07/26 - Ai! (hard work but...), eeePC/XP quirk, Asus why?, WiFi scan, and LiveBox security.
  • 2009/07/29 - HeyRick site statistics (Quantcast), Karen & nursery rhymes, a childhood memory, ADSL but when?
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