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Madame Vache

Saw "Miss Cow" at work. There were some girls flipping little round chocolate cakes from flexible bakeware, I think each sheet is 7 by 10? These were then placed on a piece of baking paper on a metal tray and lined up nearly so a blob of icing can be added later on.
Our nominated target very nicely lined up about a dozen in the time it took her companion to fill a tray (I'd guess 60-odd?). I will say that it annoys me that I'm busting my balls in this job meanwhile there is somebody that useless getting the same pay for a lot less work. Okay, I'll stop whinging about her now. ☺

Still no decision regarding afternoons only. I guess I'll know when I look at the staff roster and see I'm not on 5am start when the others I work with are...? If they remembered, that is.


MiniBBS 'encore (et encore...)'

In-between-times, I added some bits to MiniBBS. I finally got around to changing the version 0.01.x to 0.00.x as it shouldn't have a major or minor version number until it does more or less what it is supposed to.
The server now asks you to log on, it will accept a username or a user number. If you say "new" you'll go to the new user stuff (not implemented) and if you give an unknown name you'll be asked if you are a new user. Upon logging in, you will see the following "menu". It's a fake screen to show something happening, the actual login sequence will be scripted. Look in the "documents" directory within MiniBBS's installation for some of my ideas.

You can log in as:

User 1 "SysOp" password "secret"
User 2 "Guest" no password
User 3 "Felicite" password "secret"

The installer should run a little program to delete any previous user data file to let MiniBBS recreate a new one with these users; if it doesn't seem to work (i.e. you can only log in as SysOp and probably aren't asked for a password) then you should delete the user data file manually - it is ...MiniBBS\sysdata\users.dat.
The user "felicite" is for testing the 'invisible' option. If you log in using a number, you will notice pressing '1' is replaced with "SysOp". Likewise for 2/Guest but you probably won't see that happening. If you log in as user #3, it will remain as '3' because the user is 'invisible' so it won't replace the number with the username.

As is usual, press ^C to log off.

Plans for the future:

  • I plan to do the new user signup next, followed by the user editor, so user profiles can be created and altered. I will make the following two caveats, it won't monitor user on-line time (yet) and it won't give you three tries at the password then lock you out a while, yet, you'll just go back to the 'enter username' prompt.
  • Following that, the menu system and textfile typing. Shouldn't be too hard to do - famous last words.
  • Next up will be a "sysop chat". At this time it will be a simple follow-on chat with green for the user and cyan for the sysop. I'll do something niftier (split-screen-like) later.
  • Then the complicated part, the message system - public messages and private messages. The first editor will be line-based, based upon the ArcBBS editor. Again, a snazzy full-screen solution will turn up later. Along the way, some sort of scrolling user-to-user chat.
Well, that's the plan...

It is horribly horribly complicated by one single-threading program controlling ALL of this. It'd be easier to have multiple linetasks fired for each operation, but to be brutally honest, that's a really horrid approach. Might have made sense in the BBS days when you want one 'application' to give it's best treatment to an ongoing Zmodem transfer, but MiniBBS has no file transfer facilities (run an ftp server, it's a lot easier!) so we can look at an overseeer application doing 'n' ports.
In addition, we must think that if you have a fast computer and I have not cocked up, MiniBBS should scale up nicely with a quite small memory overhead. Fancy running a 16 'line' BBS? I'm tempted to suggest 32 lines, hell, maybe even 64... but that could make things 'interesting' for commands such as "list who is online right now".

Here's the latest download:

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