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Work woes

A 5am start today... The first half of the shift went well, and then the cow-orker doing menage with me changed (I think they think that a whole shift of janitorial duty is too much for a woman?) and I was paired with the most useless cow I've ever had the misfortune to work with, she was a cow is definite need of a good orking.
I should have known when she asked me to take a green bag to be weighed and thrown out because "il est lourd" (or maybe "elle est lourd" - can't get my head around stuff like rubbish bags having a 'gender').
The bag was a whole 3.6kg - and as mom said when I complained about this woman most of the way home - that's less than a baby weighs. For the entire shift I carried the green bags, ranging from 3kg to 9kg each, and at busy times I'd have one in each hand.

I was tempted to write in the "comments" section of the weight form "where the <beep> is my workmate?" but then I noticed she had to carry a green bag when I went for a pee - her entry, a whole 1.190kg. Gee, don't break a nail.

During this was a guy with a clipboard watching me; typical to have an assessment in the middle of a shift period when I am running around like a headless chicken. It's my 12th day today so this is when I could have said "this job is crap, don't wanna" or they could have said "you are crap, don't want you", but nobody did.


Rip-off Britain in action

A good friend phoned me during my break, on my mobile. For me to call the UK (any sort of number, any time of day) it is a flat rate of around 65¢ to 80¢ (I don't remember - check and see if you can find the "MobiCarte" tarifs. I had about €0,90 left, and spoke to him for 1 minute 18 seconds (that'd be about €0,75/min?).
He rang me back - our first non-typed communication. Nice bloke. We got on well and yacked for 19 minutes and 39 seconds. Probably would have gone on longer but my break ended. He is with O2 pay-as-you-go and he SMSed me to say the call cost him £29. That is woefully close to £1.50 per minute. APPALLING! [for comparison, that's about €1,80/min]

Read this, from BBC World teletext, 2008/09/22:

Rather than admitting they were pulled up on unscrupulous practice and a complete failure to self-regulate, they will lower the charges that they are forced to lower, and put up other prices. Bandits!


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