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Thanks to some ex-storm or other, we had a really windy evening. At about 9.40 (my time) the lights went out. We had a look to see if it was us or if others were affected (our power line is overhead and passes through trees, it could have just been us). The power came on, went off, came on, went off.
We got in the car and drove to our nearest little village and, blow me, if there wasn't an EDF bloke with his little blue van, flashing lights, walking across the road to look at a pole not unlike that pictured below.

Don't know what was wrong, but power came back after only about half an hour. We made it back home quickly, and I was only missing around ten minutes of Ugly Betty, which I've just started to be able to what now that Channel 4 is FTA (and about a day too late, the +1 version is now FTA as well).

At any rate, this was the only weather-related power failure I've experienced in quite a while. There are minor hiccups and brownouts from time to time, but all things considered it's a much better track record than where I used to live (near Guildford) where the whole place (and only just us) would be plunged into darkness inexplicably and for hours at a time). Bravo EDF!


Kiss Summer goodbye

Well, that was probably what's left of Fannie May, or whatever, and it'll be on its way north to upset people in the UK. Don't hold your breath 'cos coming soon is Hazel Irving or Hanna-Barbara or something with an 'H', followed by Ike & Tina and what's next? A girl's name with a 'J'? I'd be tempted to suggest Julie (another name I quite like), but you don't really want to have Julie's remembered to flattening what's left of Haïti. How about Hurricane Jessica? The name alone sounds like an oxymoron.
In any case, more wind and rain to come, perhaps the end of what was a rather lacklustre summer? :-(


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