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One thing that I find very useful is to look back through Fresco's cache and pick out things you may not have noticed previously. It is also good for looking through the various images.

Typically, there are two ways you can do this. The first is to open the cache directories and browse through the index files in !Edit. Slow and time consuming. The second is... well, there was no second option, until now!

The screenshot above shows the cache list in operation. Simply double-click on a file to open it in a browser or image viewer (as applicable), or hold Shift while double-clicking to load the file into your favourite editor.

You have the option to erase files from the cache, based upon different criteria. The full list of erase options is:

You also have a Search facility!

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Fresco stores its cache within !Scrap in a subdirectory named Fresco. Within this are numbered directories containing numbered files. Each directory also contains an index file. If you are using Fresco 1.7x (the original one), then the index is called "cachedmp". If you are using Fresco 2.xx (the later JavaScript one), then the index is called "/cachedump". Showing astounding design sense, it is possible for BOTH to exist if you use both versions of Fresco. Not only that, but they are incompatible with each other. Fresco 2.xx won't attempt to load Fresco 1.xx data.
I say this, because Fresco 2.xx is now an official release to Argo subscribers, so upon finding a clash with the index files, QuickVoy's cache scanner will read the newer "/cachedump" file.
Either way, if both exist in the same directory, the cache is corrupted. They can't both be correct...
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