QuickVoy Mailbox Watcher

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The mailbox watcher is a seperate utility task that communicates with QuickVoy using the defined Wimp message protocol. Its purpose is to connect to Argo's POP3 mail server and find out how much mail you have.

Sometimes, it can take you by surprise. You have three messages waiting, and number two is several hundred kilobytes. Obviously, you won't really want to fetch that if you only intended to make a quickie call during peak rate (Which, kindly, British Telecom applies to Bank Holidays. Thanks guys!).

Therefore, replace the script command to run your mail fetcher (probably !POP3Fetch or !CalPOP3) with a call to run <QuickVoy$Dir>.Utilities.!mbxwatch.
It will connect to the mail server, log in, enquire as to how much mail you have and how large it is, then log out. The results will be sent to QuickVoy and a window similar to that shown above will open.
You can Cancel and do nothing, select Fetch to fire off the mail fetcher, or log in manually with telnet (read the instructions for how to do this) if the results are unexpected.


Something that you might find useful is, in addition to running mbxwatch on connection, place it into the TIMED event script. Alternatively, you can fire it off manually with the VIX menu on the bottom right of the toolbar window. This latter method is the one that I use, and I find it most convenient.


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