omitline( <line> )


This will blank the line specified (from 1 to 25).

Blanking out lines has significance.
If the document header line (line #1) is blank, then when saving as ASCII text or OvationPro or HTML, any other blank lines encountered will be skipped over, so in this way it is possible to save only specific parts of the frame by 'omitting' the unwanted content.


Because the append functions load up the requested page/frame, you must call storeframe() after omitting lines, to ensure the cached version of the frame is up to date with your alterations.


Under RISC OS, this command replaces the line with spaces. However it has been observed that 'iffy' digital satellite reception can lead to regions of the page being blank. While it is unlikely that the header line will be blank as this is the page/channel ID and the clock and the rolling page counter, it is a possibility.
Therefore, under Windows, the sequence "OMITOMITOMITOMITOMITOMITOMITOMITOMITOMIT" is used instead. At this time, both methods are accepted by the interpreter, in case you write your own blanks, however the next version of the Windows interpreter will probably not accept a line of spaces any longer.