channelid( <variable> )


This sets the specified variable to the channel ID as broadcast in the TSDP packet.

Each channel is supposed to broadcast their identity, however a number (such as the BBC on digital satellite) either don't broadcast a TSDP packet or they broadcast a null identity (which is either &2020 or &0000).


I do not have IDs for the UK terrestrial channels. If you can help, please get in touch.

Here are the identities of some FTA channels from the SkyDigital platform (Astra 2 at 28.2°E and EuroBird at 28.5°E):

BBC One SouthNo ID
BBC Two EnglandNo IDVery reduced service, go to p199 for index.
Channel Four&3F8BOnly carries subtitling?
S4/C Digidol&2DE3Index is on p400.
Sky News&3F5FMostly 'betting' information.
EuroNews&0000Invalid identity.
Sky News UK/Eire (Cable) &3F9FA better Sky teletext service!
Travel Channel&8888 Doesn't sound like a real ID.
There are other teletext services available, but generally these are only for subtitling, such as ITV, E4/More4/Film4...

Here are the identities of some FTA channels from the Astra1 platform (Astra 1x at 19.2°E):
(note that the third column lists the language, not the country of origin)

Andalucìa TVNo IDSpanish
arte (French)&CC50French/German
arte (German)&9250German/French
BBC World&22EAEnglish
CNBC Europe&714EEnglish
Comedy Central&0000Invalid ID, German
CT24&4250Polish (partial charset in WinTTX)
Das VierteNo IDGerman
dhd24&7315German teleshopping
DMAX&0000Invalid ID, German
DSFNo IDGerman
Eins / ARD1&9280German
EinsFestival (ARD1)&9282German
EinsPlus (ARD1)&9242German
EuroSport (DE)No IDGerman
hr fernsehen&92FFGerman
HSE24No IDGerman teleshopping
K-TVNo IDGerman
Kabel-1 (either)&0000Invalid ID, German
MDR (any)&927FGerman
MTV (DE or CH)&0000Invalid ID, German
N24No IDGerman
NDR (any)&0000Invalid ID, German
NICK(elodeon)&0000Invalid ID, German
n-tvNo IDGerman
PhoenixNo IDGerman
ProSeiben (either)No IDGerman
RAI Uno&9C80Italian
rhein main tvNo IDGerman
RTBF&4CE0French (Belgian)
RTL (any)&8C00German
RTL II (any)&0000Invalid ID, German
Sat.1 (either)No IDGerman
Sky News&3F9FEnglish
SRF&0000Invalid ID, German
SWR - Baden/Württemburg &9287 German
SWR - Rheinland/Pfalz&9227German
Sonnenklar&0000Invalid ID, says it is "MTVText"! German
SuperRTL (any)&0000Invalid ID, German
TeleMadrid&0000Invalid ID, Spanish
TRT&0980Turkish (no charset in WinTTX)
TRWAM&0000Invalid ID, Polish (partial charset)
TV5 (FBS)&AF00French (Swiss)
TV5 (Europe)&AF00Service identical to TV5 FBS
TVE Internacional&4700Spanish
TV Galicia&482CGalician (Spanish)
TVP Kultura&1205Polish (uses UK charset!)
TV Polonia&1208Polish (uses UK charset)
Viva&0000Invalid ID, German
VOX (any)&0000Invalid ID, German
WDR (any)&0000Invalid ID, German
ZDF (any)&9240German
Note that many German services put the programme name in the channel name area, so that televisions equipped to display the channel name when changing channel (my Daewoo did that) will instead tell you what you are watching.