Converting verb data

Note that this should NOT be required unless you alter the verb data on the Windows release of Verbe and wish to update your organiser accordingly...

NOTE that you will need around 48K free on the storage device used, plus about 36K of memory.


Step One

You should have an \APP\VERBE directory on one of the organiser's storage devices, either internal or on an SSD. It should be on the same device as the Verbe.opa software.
Because of the amount of reading and writing that will take place, it is not recommended that you perform the conversion on a FlashROM SSD.

DELETE whatever is already in this directory, and then copy the files ending .vrb from the Windows version, as shown:

(actually, Irreglog.vrb and Reglogic.vrb are not necessary for conversion,
however it is easier to simply copy all the files across than risk accidently missing one)


Step Two

If you have not already, copy and install the Convert.opa software.

Additionally, ensure that your "default disk" option (press Acorn-Shift-H (or Psion-Shift-H) from the system screen) specifies the same device as that where the verb data files are located, otherwise Convert won't be able to find them!

Run Convert, and answer Yes to the following prompt:


Step Three

Convert will first generate the regular verb definitions. As this are created, the verb will be drawn on the display in a rendom style and location, like this:

The next step is to generate the irregular verb definitions. This occurs as above.

The screen will then be cleared while sorting the verbs. This may take quite a while, so we won't waste time on snazzy output.

Once the verbs are sorted, the final data file is written. The verbs are displayed as they are output to the file, as shown below.
You may notice some verbs have a '~' or a '#' following. These are markers that tell Verbe certain attributes of the verb.

Eventually you will see the following message:


Step Four

The final part of the conversion process is to .vrb files and delete them. In fact, the only file that should be in the \APP\VERBE directory is the file Verbs.dat - everything else should be deleted.

Here we can see all of the files that are no longer required tagged and awaiting deletion:

You may also like to remove the Convert application from the system screen, and delete the Convert.opa file.


Step Five

Is easy: Run Verbe!


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