Kudos to CNBC
(and it's a shame about...)


I would like to extend my thanks to CNBC Europe. When so many broadcasters are cutting back on their teletext services, or concentrating more on their digital text service and letting their teletext service languish ... it is really nice to see a broadcaster expanding their teletext service (in 2003).

If I might make a suggestion, as you are a business/stock market channel, might you be able to provide an auto-updating rolling system for currencies and stocks? Like the teletext version of the ticker?
(disclaimer: maybe it's there and I've not found it yet? :-) [2003/05/24])

Anyway, thank you, CNBC.


You can receive CNBC Europe from the Astra digital service, available at 19.2° East. The channel is no longer available on analogue.

CNBC Europe is available on a wide range of digital satellite services such as SkyDigital (with a Sky subscription), Telepìu (in Italy), ZFD Digital (Germany), and Canal (loads of places!).
CNBC is SkyDigital channel 505 and it is accessible even if you do not have access to the picture (i.e. no card...).

(CNBC is a service provided by NBC and Dow Jones - http://www.cnbceurope.com/)


In 2006, I have come across the following. These screenshots say all there is to say...


On the other hand, there is at least one teletext news source - and it is also useful if you're learning a foreign language with the BBC's late night programmes on Italian, German, or French!


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