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This software is designed to allow modification of the user options on a Technika ML-2 (256Mb) MP3 player (which is based upon the Sigmatel STMP3503 audio processor).
It may, or may not, work with other Technika MP3 players, perhaps with reduced functionality - as with the Technika MP-906 (256Mb).
It is unlikely to work with other brands - however nothing is written to the MP3 player until you click on the "Update" button, so it can't hurt to plug your MP3 player into your USB port and try...


What's new?

Since v0.03 (2007/01/27):
  • A hex editor is now available for viewing/editing the complete settings data.
  • Ctrl-click on the Help button for application information.
  • The handling of the Settings file has been rewritten as a class, instead of procedural. This will only be important to you if you are interested in the source code...

Since v0.02 (2006/03/24):
  • Fixed bugette where file scanning (looking for MP3 files) could be caught out by a file which had no '.' in the name.
  • Offsets larger than the recognised data file size are recet to zero. This is not ideal, but trying to access array element +420 in an array 0-380 is worse!
  • Patched in basic recognition of the MP-906 MP3 player. The two (ML-2 and MP-906) are detected according to the size of the Settings data file.
  • Added support for changing the "next song" on an MP-906 device.

To be done...
  • It is to be hoped that the MP-906 player's firmware caters for sound equalisation, play modes, and adjustable power-off delay... only these things are not available to the end-user because of the simplicity of the interface.
    If this is so, then it should be possible to activate these features by altering the Settings data (using TechnikaTweak).
    I would really like to set the EQ to 'Rock' (extra bass sounds better in cheapy eirphones), the playmode to 'Shuffle All' ('random' + 'repeat all'), and the automatic switch-off to three minutes (instead of one).
    Given how I think I'm going to have to do this - do not hold your breath!.


Costs and distribution rights

This software is available to you for free. Install it, use it, enjoy it.

You may distribute this software (executable only, not the source code) in its original .EXE installer form (as downloadable below) provided you do not charge for such distribution.
If you do charge (i.e. magazine cover-mount, compilation CD, 'bundled freebie', etc) then you are required to send me a complete copy of whatever this software is included on/in/with.
You are not permitted to 'sell' this software alone or anything in which my software is a majority part, or 'adds value' by its inclusion.
Full details are provided in the "licence agreement" which is shown during installation.

You may download and modify the source as you see fit, however you are not permitted to release/distribute any executables without obtaining my permission first. Likewise, the sources are not to be (re)distributed without obtaining permission.
I will, usually, consent to such distribution: this formality is primarily so that I can keep tabs on where the software is, and what differences there are between versions.


Missing DLL? Missing OCX?

If you experience problems using TechnikaTweak (missing DLL, missing OCX),
then you need to download and install the Various Dependencies, 3,240K.


Okay, now for the downloads...

TechnikaTweak download
Version 0.04
TechnikaTweak distribution. Save this .EXE to your harddisc, virus scan it, and then run it to install TechnikaTweak.
You do not need to uninstall any previous version before installing this version.
TechnikaTweak source code
Version 0.04
TechnikaTweak sourcecode - complete VisualBasic 5 sources/project files to build TechnikaTweak v0.04; packaged in a .EXE self-installer.
You may freely modify these sources, however you are not permitted to distribute the sources (modified or not) nor modified executables without obtaining my permission. Other licence/rights described above, please read it as it will be assumed that you have.

Copyright © 2007 Richard Murray