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0.06 (2008/07/10)

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What are those ".iit" files?

Those are the definition package for building the installation executables using the Clickteam Install Creator - see
The 'free' version of the installer is reasonably functional and only includes that little advert at the end of the installation process. There are more powerful 'free' installer creators, but I happen to like the way the Clickteam one works, and I don't mind them inserting an advert. It's a fair enough trade-off; and price pending I may look to registering my use of the installer if the full version offers lots of nice new features.


Will it work on VB# or

No idea. Try it. It ought to work with VB6 as that is seemingly quite similar to VB5 (in the same sort of way that W98 is similar to W95...), however I will have to rely upon you to tell me what else it works with.

Please note: ALL releases will be VB5 projects - it's what I have!


If you wrote it in C you could probably port it to Linux!

Sorry, I have psychological 'issues' with a system that considers "Amy" and "AMY" and "amy" to be three different files. And on the point of Unixen, I happen to think far more interesting things are happening with Minix3!

For Linux, try WINE. I can't help you there, sorry, as I am using VB because I wanted the fun bit (writing code) without taking forever figuring out how the system actually works. Okay, the ~3+Mb of DLL "baggage" sucks, but this seems all too common in Windows programs nowadays - and I recall times when people screamed blue murder at the 'baggage' of the Toolbox modules, and how we would all not use them - myself included :-) - though I suspect this was less to do with the actual Toolbox and more to do with the familiarity of our own custom-hacked WIMP libraries that already did for us much of the stuff that the Toolbox was trying to do.

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