OvHTML v0.42 source code


This is a source release of OvHTML v0.42 (for RISC OS). It contains everything necessary in order to build a complete and working version of OvHTML using the 26/32 bit Acorn C/C++ compiler.


There are two versions. Because I have 'customised' my version of DeskLib (v2.30, not the later one), I have included a 26/32bit neutral build of the library. However you may choose to download without this included, and simply patch in alternative code in place of my extensions.
Again, I repeat, this uses DeskLib v2.30 and not the later Desk library (v3.20).


The tools you will require are at least the following products/versions:

Modifications will, obviously, be required to compile using other tools − Norcroft C v4, EasyC/C++, gcc, and/or x86 compilers. It is possible but probably won't be very easy. You're on your own. :-)


There are outstanding bugs in this version which have been fixed in the Windows version. This is because OpenWatcom 1.2 is apparently better at detecting dumb-ass errors.
Because the Windows conversion was produced with all the finesse of a chainsaw massacre, I cannot easily "diff" to see what is different.


The conditions of use are:

    [unless your name is David Pilling, see #13]
  2. If you fix a bug, add a feature, etc... MUST report it back to me.
  3. You may place modified versions on your website provided you:
    a. clearly state it is a non-original release (on the website, in the documentation, and within the software itself)
    b. link to the OvHTML page on my site:
        then: ovhtml.html
        or: ovhtmlwin.html
    as preferred.
  4. It will be assumed that you give your consent for me to host your modified versions on my site as well, plus add links to your site.
  5. You sell this software, you die.
  6. You remove my credit or copyright notice (or the credits and notices of other developers), you die.
  7. If you make source modifications, feel free to add your name and/or credit and/or URL (etc) into OvHTML.
  8. This is not GPL. I hold the original rights to this software, so there is no way this code can 'become' GPL without my say-so. Furthermore, and future versions of OvHTML are to be released under these same terms.
  9. If you take any code from OvHTML, please credit me in your program; and also credit anybody else relevant (if a later mod.).
  10. These conditions apply to YOU. If you modify the source, you do so under these conditions; and these conditions will apply to those who download your modified version(s). You must ensure they are reproduced in your distribution(s). YOU CANNOT MODIFY THESE CONDITIONS (so if you feel a modification is necessary - contact me)
  11. Software patents are not legal within the European Union. This software, originally, is my own creation - with the exception of the backtrace code which was taken from DeskLib (a FreeWare C library for RISC OS).
    Accordingly, any legal issues regarding infringement of software patents or IPR will be ignored - that's a dumb Americanism IMO.
    It is hoped that subsequent programmers will apply modifications in the same spirit and use original code and their own ideas.
    Any legal issues relating to modifications are to concern ONLY the relevant modifier, and not affect any other programmer who was or is working with OvHTML.
  12. This software, and the source, is supplied with no warranties; and no liability will be accepted for errors or omissions.
    No claims will be entertained for loss or damages howsoever caused, either by myself or any subsequent programmer who has/is working on OvHTML...
  13. If your name happens to be David Pilling and you happen to be the person that wrote Ovation Pro... then you may (re)distribute on the install CD-ROM (etc) as you choose.
I, Rick Murray, reserve the right to alter these conditions at any time.


Download options:



You can email me at heyrick -at- merseymail -dot- com


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Copyright © 2006 Richard Murray