v2.05e (2004/03/05)


Initialisation message; JPEG 19K


FYEO2 (For Your Eyes Only version 2) is a fast image viewer/converter for RISC OS. It is designed to cope with non-native image formats that may be encountered, offering a fast on-screen preview.

FYEO2 can load/convert:


Ma petite histoire

FYEO2 was originally written by Frank Lyonnet with help from Frédéric Elisei. FYEO2 was first released in February 1993 under the name of "JView", and at the time was twice as fast as Translator and three times faster than ChangeFSI. It became "FYEO" in May of that year.
In 1994, the application became Shareware ("FYEO2"), and kept on getting faster and generally better. In June 1996, version 2.03 was released into the public domain along with the source code...

Between March and July 1998, FYEO2 was updated by Jérôme Matthevet to better support newer WIMP features, and a number of bug fixes.

In late January, I (Rick Murray) took on FYEO2. The primary aim, for me, was to make the application 26/32 neutral so that it may run natively under newer (fully '32bit') versions of RISC OS. Additionally, I was getting sick of those 'unsupported SOF marker' errors with progressive JPEGs. And, finally, I was working with a number of BMPs - and ChangeFSI is dead slow at converting them. So all of this happened to FYEO2!

Which brings us to what movies like to caption as "Present Day"...


Mes courants electriques...

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If you wish to download FYEO2 right away, go here...
Read the FYEO2 user guide
This document, supplied with FYEO2, explains how to use the software.
Read the History document
This document describes, briefly, the changes made to the software - version by version.
Read Jérôme Matthevet's history
This document describes in more detail the changes made to FYEO2 by Jérôme.
Read Rick's history
This document describes in more detail the changes made to FYEO2 by me, myself, and I.
Outstanding bugs
Known bugs, workarounds, etc...
This is the website of the previous FYEO2 maintainer, from where you may download version 2.05 (i.e. without my hacks). The v2.05 source is also available from here.
(votre doudou!)



I think I've put in fixes for the "Bad parameters to get_mode_from_specs" error reported on Iyonix machines. I won't put this out as an official release until I know it actually does work - you can download the update from below. Let me know how it goes...

fyeo205gu.zip (67K)
This requires version 2.05e or 2.05f to be installed already.

I have also been sent an updated set of templates (more style-guide compliant) which I'll include in the next official release.


Tu vois ce que je veux dire?

Examples; JPEG 70K
FYEO2 displaying GIF, BMP, PPM, and two JPEGs.



Software status:

  Software name        : FYEO2
  Latest version       : 2.05e

  Archive size         : 109969 bytes
  Classification       : Freeware
  Registration cost    : None

  RISC OS 2 compatible : Untested
  RISC OS 3 compatible : Yes
  WIMP 3.98 compatible : Yes
  RISC OS 4 compatible : Untested, expected to work okay
  32bit RISC OS        : Untested, expected to work okay

  Written in           : C and assembler
  Libraries            : RISC_OSLib (ick!)


FYEO2 2.05e download
fyeo205e.zip (107K) Version 2.05eß
The latest version of FYEO2.
This software requires RISC OS running on the ARM processor.
If your computer is different, don't bother downloading this software!

FYEO2 examples download
examples.zip (592K) Examples The example image (the one of Alyson Hannigan wearing the blue jumper - see the montage above) in a variety of different formats:
  • BMP 1bpp, 2bpp, 4bpp, 8bpp, 24bpp; also 8bpp OS/2 (OS/2 unsupported)
  • GIF 1bpp, 2bpp, 3bpp, 4bpp, 5bpp, 6bpp, 7bpp, 8bpp, 8bpp interlaced
  • JPEG 8bpp mono and 24bpp colour
  • PPM 24bpp colour
  • Other example BMPs, one to demonstrate a decode failure, one RLE compressed (RLE unsupported), and two others.
  • Includes a text describing what each image type is.
These images are not in any RISC OS native format,
so you may download them to test other software if you so desire...

FYEO2 source code download
fyeo205es.zip (168K) Source for version 2.05eß
As FYEO2 is Open Source, I am obliged to make the sources available. Please note that I plan to tinker with FYEO2, and I am not on-line often enough to keep the sources up to date...
If you plan to do any work with FYEO2, please email me so we can be sure you have the latest copy of the sources...
This source is in C and ARM assembler, with a MakeFile for Norcroft C/C++.
Please be aware that things I have modified will probably not compile on older compilers, as I tend to use C++ style comments, and also in-line variable definitions, as is provided by ISO 9899:1990.
The assembler code has been written with the expectation of assembly under a 26/32 neutral version of APCS, so you will need to re-insert flag restoration if you plan to compile FYEO2 to be 26-bit only - though I strongly advise against this, for obvious reasons.
Finally, to aid you, the majority of my modifications are marked with a comment containing the text "Rick", and usually a date also, such as:
  // BMP added by Rick, 2004/02/25

jpegtran download
jpegtran.zip (29K) jpegtran v6a
I don't recall where I got this utility. It has been in my Library directory for ages!
If you do not already have a copy of jpegtran, download this and place it in your Run$Path - this will usually be '!Boot.Library'.
Then, when FYEO2 encounters a 'progressive' JPEG, it will be able to handle it.
When run in verbose mode, the first few lines of output read:
Independent JPEG Group's JPEGTRAN, version 6a  7-Feb-96
Copyright (C) 1996, Thomas G. Lane
Note that this software is unlikely to be 32bit safe, given its age.
This software requires RISC OS running on the ARM processor.
If your computer is different, don't bother downloading this software!


Messagerie électronique

It's the yahoo.co.uk one. If you don't remember, try heyrick1973 at the aforementioned service...


Je l'emmitoufle

If you wish to find out more technical details on the image formats that are supported; please read the user guide document.
Any other questions? Email me!


Alizée - another example of FYEO2 in action; JPEG 55K
Here, you can see FYEO2 performing scaling.
The picture of Alizée on the left has been scaled 2:3, while the picture on the right has been scaled 3:2.
The window on the right shows the level of information that FYEO2 provides.
You can find the original picture on the official Alizée website.


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