BudgieMgr tips & tweaks

These tips apply to version 1.16b and later.

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What about Hi-res sprites

BudgieMgr will now look for the correct sprites for the current screen resolution (typically "Sprites22" for multisync/SVGA users). If these cannot be found, it will default to "Sprites".

The old version scanned for servers much faster...

Server scanning must be slowed down for AUN. If you are running an Econet-only network then use !Tweak to select "Econet" and reduce the delay as low as you can... You should be able to get down to 5 or so with an Archimedes only Econet system.

Can I switch these animations off?

Yes, you can do that and more with !Tweak.

However the animations are useful so you know the computer hasn't crashed. Econet can be a bit slow sometimes, so it is good to know everything is working...

How do I create a snapshot of the current network?

Run the MakeNetCfg file within !BudgieMgr.

If you do not have a copy, you will find one in the upgrades area.

Explain how this registration stuff works...

The registration stuff in the floppy disc release is no longer used, as it is not applicable to software downloaded from this website.

Why doesn't some stuff work over AUN?

Certain things do not work over AUN... This is because Acorn decided to make AUN more secure. For example, the snoop operates by ripping out the destination's screen memory (well, not literally, otherwise there would be silicon blood and gore all over the place - like a scene from "GenoCyber" :-) ).

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