BudgieMgr Release Notes

There are no release notes or changes currently available for version 1.23.

(this is a Good Thing <g>)


Addition - 1st March 2003:
The 'Resolver' in !FSfloppy is broken, all files being set to 0 bytes length.
Ensure your Resolver part is version 1.03 (dated 2003). If it is not, you can download an updated version from this site.

Addition - 6th March 2003:
The 'BuildMap' in !FSfloppy has been updated to cope with directories that span more than one sector. It is limited to two chunks, which is maybe 35-45 objects. You'll see how it does this in the code, if you want to increase the buffer space and chain additional directory sectors on to the end. Note, however, that directories with >77 objects may fail on older versions of RISC OS.

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