Licence Conditions

BudgieSoft Econet Management Software

The change in licence conditions affects all users as of July 2000.

The revised conditions have been reprinted here in full for your reference.


Important note for Try Before You Buy users:
The software is available to you for £10 as a special offer, you receive no printed guide or floppy disc. Therefore when the licence tells what you have bought, it should be read - for you - as:



I wish for this licence to be unambiguous as much as possible. If you find anything here that doesn't make sense or seems to contradict itself - please email me!
When you buy BudgieMgr, you are actually buying two things. You are buying a blank disc and packaging (approx. £2) and you are buying a license to be able to use the BudgieMgr software (£13).
You do not own the software supplied on the disc...
[Try Before You Buy users, please read the note above]  
The copyright of the program code, documentation and any other included data is owned by Richard Murray (also referred to as 'BudgieSoft'). He offers you a non-exclusive license on the terms of this agreement. If you do not accept these terms, do not use the software.  
Please note that unlike some, I do not claim copyright over any data created by or passed through our software.  
Site licence:
As this is network management software, a site license is implied. You are allowed to use this software on any machine on your network at any time as applicable. You may run as many concurrent copies as are required.  
You are allowed to run this software on any network or networks directly connected via a bridge or gateway machine.
This does not apply to Internet/ISDN/PSTN connections.
Different networks require another copy of BudgieMgr with the exception of different networks within the same building (for example a staff network and a users network, not directly connected).  
You are allowed to make as many copies as necessary for the successful management of your network (subject to other terms of this licence). You may also run as many concurrent copies as necessary.
Don't forget to make a backup copy!  
Errors or omissions:
Whilst BudgieSoft have taken steps to ensure the accuracy of the software and related information, they do not warrant that the software or any related information will meet your requirements or be error-free or that the operation of the software will be uninterrupted or error-free or that defects in the software will be corrected.  
You shall load and use the software at your own risk and in no event will Richard Murray be liable to you for loss or damage of any kind including lost profits or other consequential loss arising from your use (or your inability to use) the software, or from errors or deficiencies in it whether caused by negligence or otherwise arising from any use of the software in conjunction with any other software program.  
Decompilation: (new)
You may decompile and fiddle around with this software as much as you want, provided: This is a rather unusual allowance. However, I learned to code by taking other people's programs apart and trying to figure out what made them work. I still think it is a very useful way to learn.
Sourcecodes are available, but a charge will be made. To date, nobody has asked, so if you would like a copy of the sources (to everything, or just a specific part - as you require) just make me a reasonable offer.  
Support: (new)
There is no support contract supplied with this software, nor is there an option to purchase one.
However, it benefits both you and myself to have correctly functioning software. So if you encounter a problem, please send a detailed description to and I shall look into it.
For the purposes of this licence, I wish to state that knowledge of a possible problem does not imply that said problem will be rectified.
You may also send your comments and "wish lists".  
The terms of this license are in lieu of all warranties, conditions, undertakings, terms and obligations implied by statue, common law, trade usage, course of dealing or otherwise all of which are hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by English law.  
Local law: (new)
This licence is governed by English law; as applied in the High Court, London.
If your local state/country law prohibits all or some of the terms of this licence, or the licence being governed by another authority than that which applies directly to you, then you are not permitted to use this software. If you do use the software, it is totally at your own risk as a licence cannot be granted to persons in areas where the licence would not be valid.  
Intermediary transports: (new)
The disclaimer of liability (above) is also applied to the transport media in between myself and yourself.
For example, when you download this software to use on your computer; the disclaimer would encompass:
  • British Telecom
  • My ISP
  • The company/individual hosting my software
  • The Internet backbone services, Cisco systems etc.
  • Your ISP
  • Your telecommunications provider
None of these services are liable for what I say and do, and neither should they be held liable. Thus, the disclaimer encompasses them.  
The use of this software is deemed as acceptance of all of the conditions of this licence.

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Copyright © 2000 Richard Murray