January 18th 2002

BudgieMgr is no longer going to be developed. The application is available for download, and so is the source code - if you're into that sort of thing.

The application says the program is try-before-you-buy. This is because I have not bothered to alter the archives of the application. There is NO requirement to purchase BudgieMgr, though I would not say No to a little bit of cash... :-)

BudgieMgr is still commercial software; you should not assume it is a freebie simply because it is here on my web site. You may download it, you may use it, you may fetch the sources and hack the crap out of it - but don't rip it off...

...though I do acknowledge the market for ripped off Econet user editors is somewhat on verging-on-the-nonexistant... :-)


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Copyright © 2002 Richard Murray