What it is and what it does

[Old style BudgieMgr package; JPEG 15K]

BudgieMgr is an Econet management system designed to make your life easier if you use Econet servers - FileStore, awServer and Level 4. This software is designed for a system administrator whether in a commercial or educational environment, or an enthusiast who has networked their bedroom...

The main application, BudgieMgr, offers you network management facilities including:

In addition to this, there are several additional programs such as !FSfloppy (to read files from an AFS0 format (FileStore) floppy and save them onto a harddisc), !FSstat (FileStore statistics), !ChangePW which is a multitasking password changer, and more such as a 'nicer' command-line based Notify program.



While this software may be downloaded from this website, I would be grateful if you could send me a little bit of money (care of my friend in Wotton, Glos. - address is in the archives).
The original purchase prices were:






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