Rick's better Tikka
Step 3 - Finish...ation

When the rice is ready, toss it into the strainer, shake it several times, then put it back in the pan. You don't need to add butter.

Turn off the heat under the wok. Serve the rice onto two pre-warmed plates.
Then serve out the tikka on top of the bed of rice.

This recipe makes generous servings for two people.

Composite image; GIF 82K

I thoroughly enjoyed my tikka. Chomp (the cockatiel) enjoyed the rice, though for some inexplicable reason he wouldn't touch the tikka sauce. For less inexplicable reasons, I didn't offer him any chicken!

Chomp eating some rice; GIF 42K

Either way, we enjoyed it. And I hope you do too...



If you have any comments about this recipe, or if you have devised other variations or sourced ingredients that you prefer (such as organic whole grain rice, etc.) then please do tell me about your ideas...
Please email me at <heyrick -at- merseymail -dot- com>.
Thank you.

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